Lifetime Classic Pier
Lifetime Classic Pier-sized


Nothing adds to the lake appeal of a beautiful home like a classic wood pier… at least until now! The Lifetime Classic Pier was designed to capture all the beauty, with none of the staining, painting, or rotting common to wood piers. Constructed with the right materials to withstand the elements, this pier not only looks beautiful for the first season, but will maintain its beauty for a lifetime! Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining a wood pier every year. Just imagine a premium dock experience with no downside. Just imagine a lifetime of summers on the water!


Built with strong 6061 aluminum structure and fully clad and decked with 100% HDPE plastic, the Lifetime Classic Pier captures the look of a high end wood pier without the hassle. Telescoping legs and custom manufacturing allow us to craft a beautiful customized pier for any lakefront application. This pier is also stabilized with a proprietary lateral and vertical bracing system to virtually eliminate pier wobble as well as the spongy feeling common in many wood docks. The Lifetime Classic is simply the most beautiful, timeless, well-engineered pier designed to excel in warm climates or for seasonal install/removal climates.

Come see a fully functional Lifetime Classic Pier in our showroom, or contact us today and one of our designers will work with you to create your ideal Lifetime Classic waterfront.

All Seasons Pier

All Seasons Pier-sized

Have you ever wished you could have a beautiful, custom pier designed to stay in the water year round? If you live in a bay, channel, or small lake, you may be able to! We manufacture our All Seasons piers out of long lasting steel frame, completely clad and decked with HDPE plastic, and installed with 4″ x 21′ steel, pile driven posts. The result is unmatched stability and a clean, crisp lakefront appeal. Beyond the beauty and stability, the All Seasons pier will save you up to $1,500 per year on seasonal installation and removal! Now you can enjoy your pier as soon as the ice melts in spring and continue its use through the entire fall. These piers can be installed through the ice, so no need to wait until spring for installation. Call us today and we will start working on your permanent lakefront design.

Premium Decking
Premium Decking-sized

Most of our customers need little convincing that HDPE plastic is the way to go! Unlike wood, or composite decking (which often contains natural fibers that break down over time) our premium HDPE decking is impervious to the elements. It has the look and traction of wood, is guaranteed never to fade more than 3%, and comes in four versatile color options to match your home and elevate your waterfront!

COLOR OPTIONS: White, Grey, Sandstone, Weatherwood

Not only do we stand behind our HDPE decking as a premium quality material, but we also love it’s design capabilities. We can design your pier with either a single color, or with one color of decking and a different color of sideboards and mooring posts. The two-tone look (for example with sandstone decking and white sideboards and posts) will make your pier stand out from the crowd in an classic way that will match your waterfront, home, or sense of style.