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Summerset Marine Brings Zero-Maintenance Piers, New Jobs To Green Lake

Summerset Marine Construction is thrilled to expand its operations into Green Lake, Wisconsin, showcasing our esteemed Lifetime Classic and Lifetime Minimalist Piers. Renowned for their zero-maintenance and elegant design, these piers deliver the perfect blend of time-honored aesthetics and modern simplicity.

From our brand new location at 555 Commercial Ave. in Green Lake, Summerset Marine is excited to bring our tradition of superior craftsmanship and innovative engineering to more homes. Our Lifetime Classic Series offers both timelessness and durability, while the Lifetime Minimalist Series provides sleek, contemporary lines with minimal environmental impact.

“Our Lifetime Classic and Minimalist Piers represent the pinnacle of our design philosophy – effortless beauty combined with practical, maintenance-free ownership,” says Larry Chapman, Founder and President of Summerset Marine Construction. “Expanding to Green Lake allows us to offer these exceptional products to a wider audience, reinforcing our commitment to quality and community in every project.”

Zero Maintenance, Maximum Enjoyment

Summerset Marine’s Lifetime Classic and Lifetime Minimalist Piers are designed for ultimate convenience and durability, and are tailored for those who prefer to free themselves from annual maintenance typically associated with waterfront equipment.

The Lifetime Classic Series offers the charm and elegance of traditional pier design but is built using modern, eco-friendly materials that withstand the elements during the warmer months without fading, warping, or degrading. Homeowners can forget about rot, mold, and insect infestation, as well. Summerset Marine handles everything from installation to seasonal removal, which means no maintenance headaches for the owner.

Our Lifetime Minimalist Series features a sleek, contemporary design, ideal for those who appreciate a more modern aesthetic. Constructed with high-grade aluminum and HDPE decking, these piers are durable, visually appealing, and designed to integrate seamlessly into any landscape. Like the Classic Series, they require no maintenance from the owner thanks to our full-service installation and removal process.

The construction of both series uses non-corrosive hardware and UV-resistant materials that are not only eco-friendly but also ensure that the piers remain safe and stable in fluctuating temperatures and water levels. The robust framework is designed to handle the loads of frequent use and heavy weather without faltering, ensuring that each pier remains a reliable extension of your property.

Beyond the structural integrity and aesthetic qualities, the zero-maintenance aspect of these piers means that owners can avoid the typical annual expenses and labor associated with wood pier upkeep. There is no need for staining, painting, or replacing rotten parts – just years of uninterrupted use and enjoyment.

“Homeowners love that they can enjoy their waterfront property without the hassle of yearly maintenance tasks. Our team handles the heavy lifting of installing in the spring and safely removing the pier for the winter, ensuring that our Lifetime Classic and Minimalist Piers stay maintenance-free,” says Mike Rather, Summerset’s Vice President of Sales.

Summerset Marine also sets the industry standard for year- round piers with its Heavy Duty (HD) Big Water Piers and All Seasons Piers. Supported with robust steel pipes driven up to 60+ feet into the lakebed, these highly engineered piers are crafted to withstand intense summer use and brutal winter ice heaves without the need for seasonal removal.

“Our vision has always been clear – to develop marine products that stand the test of time and nature, especially in places like Green Lake, which is known for sometimes challenging conditions,” says Chapman.

Summerset Marine Construction – Green Lake

555 Commercial Ave, Green Lake, WI 54941

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