Dreaming of Summer Water Fun in Mid-Winter? Head to the Milwaukee Boat Show

The time of year has come for water enthusiasts to start planning and shopping for the peak season of water sports and activities. Next weekend marks the beginning of the annual Milwaukee Boat Show, located at Wisconsin Sate Fair Park, running Friday through Sunday, January 19th-21st and Wednesday through Sunday, January 24th-28th. The Milwaukee Boat […]


Preserving and Enjoying the Beautiful Shorelines in Wisconsin

As waterfront properties have significantly increased in value over the last few decades, so too has the recognition of how important their protection is. The plethora of pristine bodies of water in Wisconsin has been arguably taken for granted, their integrity and quality compromised as a result of an explosion in development and more ambitious […]


What to Consider When Designing the Perfect Waterfront Solution

Today’s lake and waterfront residents have so many options available to them to maximize their enjoyment of the water. Piers, platforms and lift systems have been significantly improved over the past few decades, in terms of materials used and design options. Additionally, just as new kinds of water crafts and toys keep emerging, waterfront solution […]