ShoreStation is the most trusted and recognized brand in the industry. “The original since 1959” keeps getting better every year through maintaining their high standards of quality and continual innovation. ShoreStation is the brand we have worked with the longest and the reason is obvious: it is a great product that will last and last, and do its job season to season with very little maintenance or repair needed. As a preferred dealer, we stock ShoreStation to fit every size of watercraft. Contact us today so we can get your boat fitted into a perfectly accessorized lift.

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The Hydraulic Advantage

Do you want a lift that is twice as fast, but that puts half of the wear and tear on the lift cables? The answer is a ShoreStation Hydraulic lift. Whereas most lifts wind cable around a relatively narrow drum, the ShoreStation hydraulic has a full hydraulic ram in its winch tube that draws cable over a single pulley as it extends and retracts. The engineering is simply brilliant. More and more of our customers are requesting these lifts for good reason – more enjoyment and less hassle!

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