Need a dock or a lift?

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Living on the water opens a whole new vista of experiences to enjoy. To get the most enjoyment from your waterfront property, having a dock is essential, but not everyone’s needs are the same. While some property owners prefer to soak up a little sun and get in a little fishing, others participate in a variety of water sports requiring vastly different docks. A dock and lift designed to fit every individual’s requirements is what Summerset Marine can do for you with our product offerings.

What’s the Best Way to Determine What Type of Dock is Needed?

There are several considerations to discuss with a dock expert before making any decisions. While it’s obvious the type of dock must match your intended use, things are not always that simple. A dock that minimally meets a property owner’s needs today might be wholly inadequate in the future. When upgrades in boats or other watercraft are anticipated, it’s important to plan for those changes.

It’s also important to consider the type of shoreline when selecting a shore station lift. Docking sites subject to strong winds must be constructed and installed differently than a dock located in a sheltered area where strong winds are not a significant factor. It’s always a good idea to discuss the needs and conditions with an expert from Summerset Marine to determine which options best fit the site’s demands.

Take the Time to Carefully Choose Options

Once the type of dock is selected, it’s time to pick out the options that will truly make that dock useful. When swimmers will be using the dock, it’s important to include some sort of access for them to easily access the dock. Lighting is also a feature many property owners neglect. When returning to the dock after dark, quality lighting makes it easy to safely approach the dock. Even a canopy can be an important asset to protect the boat from the summer sun. Every person’s needs can be met, no matter what type of watercraft or sporting needs are present.

Quality Installations and Maintenance Extend a Dock’s Useful Life

Even the best shore station lift must be properly installed and maintained to maximize its lifespan. That’s where Summerset Marine Construction comes into the picture. The company specializes in dock and lift installations throughout the Southeastern Wisconsin region. Summerset Marine Construction’s reputation is built on providing an unsurpassed level of service for clients throughout the area.

When properly installed and maintained, docks and lifts will last for years. Lakeshore owners want to enjoy their time, not spend it dealing with putting docks in and taking them out when the seasons change. Summerset’s expertise provides property owners with options allowing them to spend more time genuinely enjoying their lake homes rather than maintaining their docks and lifts.

Property owners are encouraged to contact the company to discuss ways to construct new docks and lifts or to improve existing ones. All it takes to start the process is to contact the company today for an estimate.