Lifetime Commercial

Year round enjoyment for the community.

Our commercial piers boast the highest quality HDPE decking, specifically designed for decking or boardwalks over water as well as floating marinas. Solid construction techniques provide stability in all lake-bottom conditions and ensure survival through harsh Wisconsin winters. All Seasons Commercial Piers do not require seasonal installation or removal and make a great year-round pier over marshes and wetlands. Lifetime Commercial Piers have all the same hassle-free maintenance advantages of the Classic piers, with the look and traction of traditional wood.

Full Line of Lifetime Piers
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Lifetime Commercial Piers’ features include:

  • Manufactured in Wisconsin, USA
  • Blend of virgin and recycled pre-consumer/post-consumer HDPE
  • Will not splinter or sliver
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Resistant to insects and termites
  • Suitable for all climates and conditions
  • Non-absorptive and impervious to most chemicals
  • Non-leaching
  • Fade and flame resistant
  • Solid color to core
  • Machinable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Premium Decking

Most of our customers need little convincing that HDPE plastic is the way to go! Unlike wood, or composite decking (which often contains natural fibers that break down over time) our premium HDPE decking is impervious to the elements. It has the look and traction of wood, is guaranteed never to fade more than 3%, and comes in four versatile color options to match your home and elevate your waterfront!

Color Options: White, Grey, Sandstone, Weatherwood

Not only do we stand behind our HDPE decking as a premium quality material, but we also love it’s design capabilities. We can design your pier with either a single color, or with one color of decking and a different color of sideboards and mooring posts. The two-tone look (for example with sandstone decking and white sideboards and posts) will make your pier stand out from the crowd in an classic way that will match your waterfront, home, or sense of style.


A streamlined design for waterfront homeowners to provide everything you need and nothing you don’t. Allowing for a clean, contemporary shoreline appearance, posts are moveable and removable to match the pier with your property and frontage situation.

The Minimalist piers provide homeowners with the same timeless beauty of our Classic piers, along with the hassle-free maintenance, but with a more sleek and streamlined design. The absence of posts allows for more compact configurations, particularly useful for shorelines with less frontage access. Since they boast the same materials, The Minimalist piers can also be used in conjunction with The Classic piers to create the perfect waterfront pier solution customized for the client’s lifestyle and desired look.

Lifetime Minimalist Piers’ features include:

  • Optional bumpers with cleats instead of full posts to tie-up
  • Multiple accessories that will affix to our patented aluminum frames
  • Removable and moveable posts
  • Maintenance-free beauty only requires occasional soap-and-water cleaning
  • Classic look and detailing of wood piers yet made from recycled materials, such as milk jugs and detergent bottles.
  • Premium HDPE plastic decking with the look and traction of wood
  • Four versatile color options for decking, to distinctively blend with home and lakefront landscaping
  • Decking color guaranteed to not fade more than 3%
  • Durable aluminum structure designed to withstand the elements for many seasons to come