Be the first on your lake ready for summer by having your new pier installed now. Sound impossible to install a pier in the winter? It’s not. Summerset Marine can help you design the perfect All Season Permanent pier that can be installed when there is still ice on the lake. In fact, winter is the perfect time to install it.

Lifetime Piers, manufactured by Summerset Marine carries the All Season Permanent pier line. It is a beautiful custom permanent pier that is designed to stay in all year long. It is made with maintenance free premium HDPE plastic decking and features a double durable steel frame. It is the perfect pier for the Midwest elements.

Designed for customers who have a waterfront and shoreline that is more protected, the perfect location for a Lifetime All Season pier is in a bay, channel or a small lake that does not have violent or sustained ice heave.

The advantage of having an All Seasons Permanent pier is that it can be installed anytime of the year, even in the winter through the ice. A permanent pier eliminates the cost of having to have your pier removed and installed seasonally, this is a huge cost savings over the lifetime of your pier.

The All Season pier is manufactured out of a long-lasting steel frame that is installed with above-grade steel posts. These posts are pile-driven up to 21 feet down. The pier itself is maintenance free and is made with premium HDPE plastic decking that has the look and traction of wood. It requires occasional soap and water cleaning and is made from recycled materials. There are four colors to choose from; white, grey, sandstone and weather wood, allowing for a match with your home.

We can help you determine whether your waterfront is a good candidate for an All Seasons Permanent Pier and help to design your dream pier and install before the snow has even melted!